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Tell me why (I don’t like writing)

Obviously this is not an ideal situation for an academic to find themselves in.

However, I suspect it might be true.

I think it was my PhD thesis that killed it for me…I think…I don’t like writing.

I tried to rejoin my Daily Writing Group but this time it didn’t help.  I did co-write an Editorial for a journal = big success story!  (Editing other people’s writing was much easier than writing my own work.)

*le sigh

Luckily it is teaching time now, less expectation to write.  Brief, brief reprieve.

Definitely time to make good friends with my blog again.  I like it here best.  And people tell me they read it! (I hope people will be glad to know that they are not the only ones who don’t like writing.)

Other things I have been doing instead of writing:

  • reading fiction
  • organising multiple conference papers
  • answering emails
  • playing MW3

All worthy occupations!

Maybe I’m just in thesis ‘recovery’.  I mean, surely.

Just have to find the right motivation…

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Thesis complete!

Today I took my finished PhD thesis to the printer to get bound for examination 😀

This is an awesome, wonderful, terrific day!

Big hugs and love to everyone who supported me in finishing the beast.  I could never have done it alone xo



Back in the Saddle

Visitors to the blog may have noticed a new page addition – one for my PhD thesis.

When I created this blog, in an attempt to pin down the broad areas that I expected to post on, I added the subheading ‘teaching, research, and the rest’.  I was inspired by Darcy’s blog, which proclaimed it would be about ‘education, technology, life’, to also make my blog a place where the professional and personal, the public and the private worlds could happily overlap.  But, unsure I could commit to (the pressure of) saying anything much about ‘life’, I thought I would be better to clump anything that wasn’t related to teaching or research into a vague, and perhaps unpromising, ‘the rest’.

The teaching part was far more obvious – I’m an English teacher and I love sharing resources and reflecting on my practice.  The ‘research’ category however, has been sorely neglected.  In fact, it’s barely made a peep.  And even though I have added plenty to the blog about the Gifted and Talented education action research I was involved in at school, even this is really more about teaching than research.  The real research that I should be focussing on is my PhD thesis, which draws to a long awaited conclusion next March.

Well, after a semester away from uni I am indeed back in the saddle, and am hoping to add more to the blog about my PhD in the coming months.  For now, I’ve dusted the shelves, bought a new bottle of multi-vitamins and paid off my library fines.  Work is progressing…though not without a little procrastination, including a return to my favourite grad student comic strip, Piled Higher and Deeper:




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